Ideas can change the world

The fun theory

Everything starts with an idea.

And the very best ideas can make a huge difference. There’s a fantastic website, funtheory.com, where they use unusual ideas to change peoples’ behaviour.


Their stated belief is “fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better.” They have a number of videos on their site. My favourite three are shown here.









The piano staircase


They installed a giant piano keyboard on the steps at a station in Stockholm. And then they watched as delighted people ignored the escalator and walked up the stairs.

Speed camera lottery


They simply changed where the money raised by speed cameras went to. Rather than it going to the council or government, they offered the money raised through fines as a reward to those who drove responsibly through the speed camera. Genius.

The world’s deepest bin


They placed a sensor in a bin in a park. The sensor activated a soundchip which played the sound of an object dropping for quite some time, and then hitting the bottom with a thump. It’s lovely to see people trying to find more rubbish to place into the bin.


John Lennon

Most people have an idea of how great a thinker John Lennon was from his music, lyrics and film. But he’s way more than just that. He had so many great ideas it seems almost unfair. My favourite is illustrated by the simple graphic below.

I love that he has the confidence to call them on their misunderstanding of the world, and of people in general. It’s such a beautiful way to look at the world. We should all strive to have clarity of thought like this.

Audrey Hepburn

An icon for the fashionable, and still a legend for her films, she was part of Hollywood’s golden age. But she was always hugely respectful of other people, and was brought up to put others before herself. She had a huge number of great ideas, and did a great deal of work for UNICEF. And some of her quotes can chase the blues away, no matter how bad a day you’re having. Like this one:

There are great ideas everywhere, just waiting to be thought of.

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