An idea of who I am and what I do

I'm Chris Muir. I've been a copywriter for 20 years. I work with clients who value the power of ideas and what those ideas can deliver for their business.

My experience

What I do

I’ve been an advertising copywriter, a design copywriter, a freelance copywriter and a client-side copywriter. If it involves ideas (or words) I probably have experience of doing it.

What I offer

I work for advertising and design companies across the UK. I also work directly with clients of all sizes, across a wide range of sectors. I make your communications more effective

I write for print, digital, radio and TV. From emails, to posters, from websites to full campaigns – I can help. I can also help you find (or polish) your tone of voice.










The germination

Everything starts with an idea.

But only by bringing that idea to life can it deliver for you.

And that’s where I come in.

I write. I persuade. I cajole. I engage. I deliver.

And I do it all for you.



I’ve been writing copy for 20 years and have won awards for creativity and effectiveness. I’m also pretty handy at creative thinking, ideas generation, strategic thinking, planning, brief writing, tone of voice and anything else where ideas are valued.

The key to it all is simplicity. (And avoiding jargon as if it’s something you’d trodden in.)


An idea of perspective

Learn how to listen

To really connect with your audience you need to make sure you’re answering the question “what’s in it for them?” rather than “what do we want to tell them?”.

It’s unlikely that your audience will care that you sat up all night, four nights in a row, to ensure delivery. They will, however, care if it’s faster, stronger, easier or cheaper.


Think about how you receive messages. You’re not sitting at home hoping for a letter from your mobile phone provider. You’ll barely read the headline of their letter. And it’s the same when you’re talking to your customers. Make sure what you do say is important. To them, not just to you.

I harness the power of ideas. For you.

To make sure your communications deliver, you need to think smart. And that all starts with an idea.

Together we can make your idea a great one.


My approach

I try to get my clients to understand that we are all humans. We speak like people speak. Not management textbooks, not incomprehensible, unnatural bobbins. It’s amazing how tricky some people find this.

Translation is bad

If you speak using ‘management speak’© internally in your company you’re asking for trouble. It means that any new recruit to your company has to learn your language. And, more crucially, it creates the chance of something being lost in translation into normal language.

© The devil

Keep it simple

Research shows that simple, straight-forward language makes you sound more intelligent. And it’s easier to understand. No negatives here. Just keep on walking.


Making you stand out

If the crowd zigs, zag.

Seek out unconventional wisdom.

Simplify, then exaggerate.

If you ask the right questions, you’ll find the right answers.

To find your own tone of voice you just need to ask the right questions.

How ideas can help you

Make your message memorable. Make it part of your brand. Make it more effective. Ideas help whatever you’re trying to do. I believe in what I do. And in the power of ideas. See what a big idea can do for you.